Womens 5/4 Premium Chest Zip Wetsuit
Womens 5/4 Premium Chest Zip Wetsuit

Womens 5/4 Premium Chest Zip Wetsuit

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Womens 5/4 Premium Chest Zip Wetsuit Description  

New for 2019 is the Womens 5/4 Chest Zip Wetsuit that builds on that of needessentials thinner wetsuit models and offers maximum warmth, flexibility and durability. The Womens 5/4 Chest Zip features the same oversized single lined back panel as that found on the 4/3 chest zip model and this continues to be used to maximize warmth and protection from Wind chill. 

 The Womens 5/4 Chest Zip Wetsuit is made exclusively from a 4-way Mega Stretch Lime Stone neoprene which features sealed seams that are fully glued, blind stitched (GBS) and taped.  Along with featuring a Premium Polypro Fleece on the inside of the single lined back panel, the Womens 5/4 Chest Zip Wetsuit, also uses an essential polypro fleece on the chest panel ensuring heat retention is maximized without compromising the stretch and flexibility of the wetsuit. 

  Features of The Womens 5/4 Chest Zip Wetsuit 

  • Glued, taped and blind stitched 
  • Chest zip for easy entry with extra seal 
  • Premium 4-way stretch neoprene [limestone] 
  • Sealed cuffs 
  • Wind-proof back panel with Premium thermal lining 
  • Essential Thermal Lining on Chest and Thighs 
  • Durable 4-Way Stretch Kneepads 
  • Suggested water temperatures of 10°C / 50°F plus
  • Mascha is 171 cm (5’8”) tall, weight 58kg and is wearing a size 8 Wetsuit.


Womens 5/4 Chest Zip Wetsuit Usage Conditions   

The Womens 5/4 Chest Zip Wetsuit has been tried and tested in water temperatures from 10°C plus and is ideal for challenging European Winter Surfs and can be paired with Boots, Gloves and Hoods to really protect from chilly winds and cold seas. 

  Womens 5/4 Chest Zip Wetsuit benefits  

The Womens 5/4 Chest Zip Wetsuit is a great wetsuit to challenge any Winter swell in the Northern hemisphere. 

 The 4mm Mega Stretch “V” Foam neoprene is used through the Arm and lower Leg panels of the wetsuit to offer exceptional flexibility, while the 5mm Single Lined Back panel is lined with a Premium Polypro Fleece for ultimate heat retention and warmth. The Womens 5/4 Chest Zip Wetsuit also features an Essentials Thermal Lining through the chest and thigh panels offering a great balance between heat retention and flexibility. 

A Glide skin Neck Seal offers exceptional comfort and security, while the Ankle and wrist cuffs are banded with LQS to give a good fit and finish. A key loop is stitched in behind the Chest Zip for security and minimal impact on the wearer and the use of a YKK metal Zip offers the strength required to a critical part of the suit. 

 Why the needessentials Womens 5/4 Chest Zip Wetsuit could be Perfect for You?  

If you are looking to Surf in cold to cool waters and want ultimate flexibility with no fuss, then the Womens 5/4 Chest Zip Wetsuit will offer all that you need for a fraction of the cost. 

Womens 5/4 Premium Chest Zip Wetsuit
Womens 5/4 Premium Chest Zip Wetsuit
Womens 5/4 Premium Chest Zip Wetsuit
Womens 5/4 Premium Chest Zip Wetsuit
Womens 5/4 Premium Chest Zip Wetsuit