Mens 4/3 Liquid Fast Dry Chest Zip Wetsuit
Mens 4/3 Liquid Fast Dry Chest Zip Wetsuit

Mens 4/3 Liquid Fast Dry Chest Zip Wetsuit

€ 239 EUR
  • High quality 4-Way super stretch limestone neoprene,
  • Fast dry thermal lining from torso to ankle
  • NEW Chest Zip design with YKK Metal Zip
  • Triple glued, sewn (GBS) seams
  • NEW Liquid Flex Taping
  • Seams sealed from the inside with a neoprene tape, to improve durability and warmth.
  • LQS Sealed Wrist and ankle Cuffs
  • Durable and flexible 4-Way Stretch knee pads
  • Secure Key Loop
  • Suggested operating temperatures 12°C / 54 °F plus
  • MODEL SIZE: Torren is 188cm Tall (6'2"), Weight 80kg and is wearing a size Large Tall Wetsuit



Description of the Mens 4/3 Liquid Fast Dry Chest Zip Wetsuit

The NEW Limited addition mens 4/3 Liquid Fast Dry Chest Zip wetsuit builds on the features of the fast-dry and premium wetsuit models. An increased use of the fast-dry thermal lining is now extended from the torso panels to the ankle cuff of the wetsuit and an additional outer liquid flex tape applied to the triple glued and stitched seams enhances the wetsuits ability to insulate the surfer. A slightly revised Zip and collar design help for an easier entry and exit of the wetsuit, as well as improve on the neck seal achieved.

Recommended for use in water temperatures from 12°C/54°F, this wetsuit offers a great balance between warmth and flexibility for use in the Spring or Autumn seasons.

All needessentials wetsuits are manufactured in leading factories using 100% mega stretch limestone neoprene, which is more thermally efficient and environmentally sound when compared to petroleum-based neoprene. The NEW 4/3 Liquid Fast Dry Chest Zip wetsuit is a logical step in developing the warmth, durability and flexibility of a wetsuit.


Conditions of use for the Mens 4/3 Liquid Fast Dry Chest Zip Wetsuit


The 4/3 Liquid Fast Dry Chest Zip wetsuit has been developed and tested across the global offering a great solution for use in the broadest of water temperatures, offering warmth, flexibility and comfort in many different swells.


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