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6ft Premium Surfboard Leash

€ 22.00 EUR

6ft Premium Surfboard leash  description  

The needessentials 6ft Premium Surfboard Leash, is designed for use in medium surf plus or when you want the extra security of knowing that your surfboard is well connected to you. It is made with a high grade 7mm polypropylene cord, ultra-strong Velcro cuff and premium stainless-steel swivels. 

needessentials only use the best materials and manufactures and do away with anything that does not contribute to the way a product performs. This way we can provide surfboard accessories at a fair price and minimal fuss. 

Features Of  6ft Premium Surfboard leash   

  • 6’0” polypropylene cord, 7mm in diameter 
  • Two stainless steel anti-rust swivels 
  • Detachable rail saver 
  • 2” Ankle Cuff with neoprene liner.  
  • Ultra-strong Velcro 

6ft Premium Surfboard leash benefits  

The needessentials 6ft Premium Surfboard Leash features a neoprene lined, soft touch 2” cuff with an ultra-strong Velcro closure and nylon quick release loop. The wider cuff helps to further dissipate the stress and pull when the leash is under load. This extra cuff width is complimented with a 7mm premium polypropylene cord. 

Two high grade stainless-steel swivels minimise the risk of the less tangling during use. Also a detachable rail saver has been added, which is designed to increase the surface area of the leash where it makes contact with your board in order to reduce the risk of damage.  

Why  needessentials 6ft Premium Surfboard leash Could be Perfect For You?  

The needessentials 6ft Premium Surfboard leash is classic in its design and made entirely with premium materials, offering only what you needed in a surfboard leash. Why pay more?