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2mm Wetsuit Balaclava

€ 35.00 EUR

2mm wetsuit Balaclava description  

The needessentials premium 2mm wetsuit Balaclava is designed to worn with any 4/3 or 5/4 non-hooded wetsuit offering addition for warmth without compromising flexibility and comfort. By forgoing all non-essentials we can put 100% focus into the product, offering premium materials and construction at a very competitive price. 

Features Of The 2mm wetsuit Balaclava 

  • Premium 4-way stretch neoprene [Limestone Calcaire]
  • Fully triple-glued, blind stitched (GBS)
  • Wind-proof Skin
  • Hood Adjustable opening
  • Peak Design
  • Gusset neck seal – Compatible with all non-hooded wetsuits.

2mm wetsuit Balaclava benefits  

The 2mm wetsuit balaclava has been designed with a gusset as to create a good seal within the collar of a non-hooded wetsuit. 

The 2mm 4-way mega stretch neoprene is light weight, extremely flexible and comfortable to wear. The Smooth outer lining is a great barrier to the wind and also minimises water retention. The face aperture of the 2mm wetsuit balaclava offers adjustability by way of an elastic toggle and above the brow a small peak deflects water run-off and the sun. 

Why  the needessentials 2mm wetsuit Balaclava Could be Perfect For You?

The 2mm wetsuit balaclava can be paired with any non-hooded wetsuit and will offer additional protection during winter surf sessions. The gusset design means the wetsuit balaclava offer optimum protection, whilst still being flexible and comfortable.