2 Piece Surfboard Traction Pad
2 Piece Surfboard Traction Pad

2 Piece Surfboard Traction Pad

€ 29 EUR

  • 2-piece traction without raised arch bar 
  • 55 density EVA with unique diamond grid pattern 
  • 30mm bevelled tail-kick providing security and minimised drag 
  • 3M marine grade adhesive for a superior bond 
  • Recycled / recyclable cardboard packaging 
  • Blank flat traction / no external branding 
  • Colour black 



2 piece traction pad description 


The needessentials 2-piece traction pad is constructed from a lightweight EVA foam and features a flat pad design with a 30mm tail kick. The traction pad is backed with a strong 3M adhesive, and the diamond designed surface ensures the surfers foot is securely positioned in a range of turns and surf conditions. 


needessentials is a collection of surfers who are dedicated to responsibly making the best quality wetsuits and essential surf hardware more affordable. 


3 Piece traction pad Usage  


The 2-piece traction pads design allows for greater adjustability and a more natural underfoot feel, the shape of the pad is suitable for most surfboard (not softboard) tail designs, and widths and the diamond designed light weight EVA foam and 30mm kick tail offer ample grip to the surfer. 


needessentials is driven to find ways to improve our product whilst minimizing its impact on the environment. Using durable, high quality materials and components, needessentials wetsuits and surf accessories are built to stand the test of time. needessentials product excludes non-essential branding and packaging, offering only what you need in a product, and a more sustainable, healthy option for you and the planet.