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In short every company requires exposure to ensure their message is heard and people learn about what it is they offer. Magazine Adverts, Competition Sponsor Ship, mass marketing campaigns are all tools that can be used and are. However, being a privately run and funded business and coming from where the Surf Biz was 10 years ago, our approach has been slightly different and far more managed to suit and match our budgets and not impact on the cost of the wetsuits and products we offer, relying heavily on word of mouth, interest, and intrigue.

In operating in this more scaled and managed manner, we have worked and been lucky enough to be supported by several media publications, many of whom have just been interested in the concept of needessentials and our take on things.

Below is a link to these independent reviews and opinions on our business concept, with a few product reviews too:

Wetsuit MEDIA: Beach Grit

Australian surfer cuts out middle-man and gets you straight into premium wetsuits for peanuts…

Yamba-based surfer Ryan Scanlon, the former Senior Vice President of Global Products for Quiksilver, doesn’t wanna take over the world. He isn’t building his biz needessentials up with an eye to slamming it on the counter for a few mill down the line. He isn’t aggressively chasing market share or running hither and yon trying to find investors.

Ryan’s play is simple. He makes premium wetsuits at around half the price or less of the major brands, with one important caveat, but more on that later. It’s a shuffle of the usual way we buy stuff………….



Torre Wearing a needessentials Wetsuit Maurice Cole on needessentials wetsuits

LEGEND: Maurice Cole on Surfboards and Wetsuits

“Go to Torquay and half the people in the water are in needessentials wetsuits,” says Maurice. “Adam Robbo just pulled me up the other day and told me he’d bought four. ‘I can buy three four-threes for 300 bucks apiece and I’ve got a dry wetsuit every time. Some of the best wetsuits I’ve ever worn,’ he said.”

According to Maurice, friends all over the world are getting into ’em. And it ain’t exactly rocket science why……………..



Wetsuit MEDIA: Liquid Salt:

needessentials is an innovative wetsuit company. With over two decades of industry experience, founder Ryan Scanlon and good friend Rob Colby created a grassroots business that offers an exceptional premium limestone-based wetsuits at an affordable price. We spoke with California-based Rob Colby to learn more.

When did needessentials get started?
Back in 2013, Ryan Scanlon left his job at Quiksilver in California and went back home to Australia. That’s when he began thinking about the type of business that he wanted to create. He came up with the concept of needessentials wetsuits. Founded to provide surfers with premium wetsuits and products without the retail mark ups, branding and extra costs by selling exclusively online. Initially he wasn’t sure how it would resonate with surfers. Turns out – it was a success………..



Surf Bunker test the needessentials 4/3 Wetsuit 10 months and Many surfs' in a needessentials Wetsuit.

Wetsuit MEDIA: Surf Bunker

Everyone likes a bargain and everyone likes to get their money's worth. The simple fact is that there are some things that are simply worth spending the money on. Like a parachute. Or a life-vest

This just happens to be the way that I think about wetsuits, it's just not worth getting a crap one, normally you pay the money for a good suit. If it's cheap, it's crap. End of story.

As a creature of habit, I have always been a Rip Curl man and other than a brief dalliance with Xcel Wetsuits (before Billabong bought them) and recently Vissla, I have remained loyal. They have been my go to, I know my size, the models etc and its easy.

As I have said before, people like to get their money's worth and for 8 years I lived in a location that meant it was uncomplicated to obtain Rip Curl wetsuits for a very reasonable price. With a recent geographical relocation 1000km to the south I find myself having to pay normal prices and my stock of wetsuit is running dry…………


 About six months ago I wrote a review article on a needessentials 4/3 wetsuit that I have. It is now 10 months old and I have been using the same wetsuit all winter and thought we would report to you guys on how it has fared.

A Quick Catch Up : As needessentials are a new(ish) company, with a kind of new idea which I kind of liked the sound of, I thought I would get our hands on one of their wetsuits and see how they actually felt to put on, and try and provide some real feedback. You can read the full review here if you are interested………..

Quality materials and construction.

I have had a fair amount of people contacting me, asking us about sizing and how the wetsuit was wearing or lasting, so I thought it might be an idea to write this follow up article and report on the durability, flex, warmth and features after 10 months use.



MEDIA: Empireave on Wetsuits

needessentials have been disrupting the premium wetsuit market for a couple of years now, offering what they call: "the best wetsuits without all the noise at less than half the price of other premium brands." Basically it's a direct-to-consumer model of business, where they sell direct online and forgo the need to factor in wholesale markups. Add into the equation that they don't drop millions sponsoring surfers, events or advertising, then they can afford to sell at even cheaper. Most top end 3/2mm wetsuits go for around $550-$600 at the moment, meaning at $200, needessentials are a third of the price………..



needessentials Wetsuit Review needessentials Wetsuit Review


MEDIA: Barney Cools considers Wetsuits

needessentials  Takes a refreshing approach – premium quality, low price, zero branding wetsuits. For the price of your average big brand wetsuit you could have a needessentials steamer, springsuit and a vest, with enough change for a case of beer.

If you’re skeptical, we don’t blame you, they are stupidly cheap but rest assured, they cut prices by skipping on advertise, packaging, wholesale markups and paid ambassadors.

After designing wetsuits for the big dogs, you’re in safe hand with needessentials, they won’t spontaneously combust.




MEDIA: UK Mat Surfers & needessentials Wetsuits:

Low-key money savers? Hardcore unbranded anti-fluro? Whatever the case, the wetsuit company are making a point of trimming down the superfluous extras and unnecessary links in the chain, according to their website:



MEDIA: Geelong Advertiser

needessentials makes surf products without branding, packaging, swing tags or marketing. There is no advertising campaigns, marketing, surfer sponsorship or athlete royalties and they’re sold almost exclusively online.

This, Ryan says, means he can make high quality products for a fraction of the price.

“I call it a supply company, not a brand, because we don’t have a logo or anything on the wetsuits,” Ryan explains. “We stay well away from fashion and trends. I just focus on premium wetsuits that are warm, comfy, that last and are cheaper than big brands.”

This means more money saved for the everyday surfer, allowing them to enjoy a passion that is based on nature and a healthy active lifestyle rather than money and brands.

“They can put as much money into traveling and finding waves as they can, rather than on branded suits and board shorts,” Ryan says. “It’s for the guy who surfs every day and loves it.”



Over view on needessentials wetsuits Wetsuit Megastore over view on needessentials.

MEDIA: Wetsuit Megastore

Whats going on? There is a new “trend” in the wetsuit market and the common points of needessentials go somewhat like this:

  • offer premium wetsuits at around half the price
  • no middle man
  • only available online.

And it seems to be working, whenever I check out needessentials website their suits are mostly sold out and surfers are happy with their product. needessentials is an extreme version of the trend and a pioneer. They really offer bare essentials and just what you need. You don’t need advertising, you don’t need a brand, a team, fancy tags and packaging. All you need is a good wetsuit to keep you warm. And they are serious about the no branding – their wetsuits are blank, no logo, nothing!

Read more: http://www.wetsuitmegastore.com/news/cheap-high-quality-wetsuits-need-essentials-and-feral.html#ixzz4sTcHR85M


Surf Splendour Talks Wetsuits Surf Splendour Talks Wetsuits

MEDIA: Spendor Podcast

146 – Pre Pipe Masters Analysis & Rob Colby of Need Wetsuits

In the first half of today’s episode, David discusses needessentials with Rob Colby. They chat about the direct-to-consumer business model, the equitability of high-salaried surf stars, and Rob lends insight into Dane Reynolds’ Chapter…


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