The Waves Are Out There, You Just Have To Search For Them!

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Photographs by Ishka Folkwell.@ishkaimagery

Many surfers spend their lives surfing their local breaks and although minds can wonder as to better or less crowded spots on the day, we routinely re-visit old haunts for we know what we are to expect, understanding the tides, swells and winds. However, for those with a little more adventure, there are still heaps of uncrowded waves to be found. Torren Map SURFER-FINAL-3-7 Torren Checking SURFER-FINAL-3-5

Torren Plotting his route in the Northern Territory.

That search and wonder is something Torren Martyn and filmmaker Ishka Folkwell spent three months doing. The pair chased sunset and swells from one side of Australia to the other in their trusty red Land Rover Defender, taking inspiration from a trip Torren did decades before with his family.

“This trip is pretty close to home for me, literally. I was inspired by a similar journey I did when I was seven. My mum took me out of school to travel with her and her partner for about 18 months and we went north from Byron and did a loop around the country. We were in a similar sort of car too–a ‘87 model Range Rover Defender, which was actually a coincidence. Along the way my mum had me making photo and written diaries. I came upon them recently and they got me keen to do it again with one of my best mates and to surf along the way.”

Torren on Roof SURFER-FINAL-3-2

The Friends (Torren & Ishka) were as keen to document their journey as they were the surfing and waves and although spending literally endless hours at the wheel or setting up their home each night (a roof tent that they slept in for all but one), these were some of the most memorable moments for the pair. In fact, they even extended their trip to include the Gibbs River Road in the Northern Territory after being so spoiled by the waves in Western Australia and seeking further adventure.

Further Information on the Kimbery Adventure along the Gibb River Road can be found here.

Torren Camp SURFER-FINAL-2 Torren Cliff SURFER-FINAL-4-2

“Yeah, there were a few hiccups. When we crossed the quarantine border from south Australia to WA, they took all of our food apart from some crackers. So we had to pick up supplies, but the nearest town was 700km away. We finally got there and we rolled into the petrol station and the car just made this horrible noise. Neither one of us is mechanically minded, but luckily there was a mechanic just down the road. So we pushed the car over there, but they didn’t have the part we need so we had to make it to Perth to buy the equipment.” Just another minor detour of a few hundred km’s.

  Toren Truck to right SURFER-FINAL-2-3

As Torren had done years before, he and Ishka recorded their journey, not just for them to reflect on but for all.

They captured their trip in 5 mini edits, each a nod to a territory, and then as a final feature edit which includes additional footage.

Watch as the adventurers score epic waves on all coasts of Australia, in water temperatures ranging from board short sessions in New South Wales to a 4/3 Wetsuits and Boots in Victoria. Torrens ease on a twin fin surfboard made even the steepest of waves look playful in WA whilst, Ishka utterly complimented the surfing with some unique camera perspectives and a slick and seamless editing style that will help ease any viewer back into the working week.

The trip was supported by SurfStitch, Poler, Morning of the Earth Surfboards and needessentials, although if it wasn’t for the spirit of adventure and desire to explore shown by Torren and Ishka the edit would have never come to be, so thank you both.

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With thanks to Torren and Ishka and all involved with the trip and its telling.

Torren classic shot SURFER-FINAL-3-6

Torren and Roo SURFER-FINAL-2-4


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