How to Find The Right Wetsuit Size and Fit For You

Finding The Right Wetsuit size for you 

Accomplishing the right Wetsuit size and fit are key elements of any wetsuit purchase, irrespective of features, materials and brand. No one wetsuit will fit everyone and no one brand will accommodate every body shape. In fact, several Companies use different sizing dependent on the model of suit and its target demographic.

An ill fitting wetsuit is not only uncomfortable it will jeopardize its thermal integrity and challenge its durability.

Wetsuits made in the early days of Neoprene were tailored to the individual. This was due to the limitations of the material in stretch and overall manipulation; therefore, panels and size gradients for these panels had to be considered to produce a wetsuit that would be comfortable and thermally protective.

However, as demand grew the NEED* for wetsuits development accelerated. Companies started emulating sizing practices created by the apparel and fashion markets using size averages to create the sizes we know and recognize today, enabling Wetsuits to be made in volume. Over time additional sizes were developed and honed for improved fit and performance. The Wetsuit market today has a defined size standard which include XS, S ST, MS, M, MT, ML, MLT, LS, L, LT, XL, XLT, 2XL and 3XL. All completely relevant to achieve a Wetsuit that will best fit its wearer and offer optimum thermal performance and comfort.

NEED essentials Europe is please to announce that we have interspersing sizes in production and development, MT will be available from our next delivery (due July). However due to the panel layout, materials and the general cut used across our wetsuits we found that in our R&D the majority of wetsuit wearers could in fact be accommodated in the key sizes NEED originally offers (XS, S, M, L, XL).

NEED essentials Premium 4-way stretch and minimal panel design enables the neoprene to stretch and mold to the user. Often if the neoprene is not stretched vertically for height/length, it may be stretched horizontally therefore satisfying the fit and offering both comfort and warmth.  This means two persons of completely different body types could in effect fit the very same size wetsuit, hence our inclusion of the body type category to our wetsuit chart.


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