Torren Martyn - On The Light Side

Torren Martyn has travelled to Indonesia each year of his adult life. He reconnects with friends he has made there and puts in plenty of time in the ocean. He has a deep love, connection and gratitude for this part of the world that has given him so much. When surfers arrange their lives in advance to be somewhere for waves it’s always a roll of the dice. This trip a group of close childhood friends from Torren’s home town had planned an Indo boat trip to celebrate a friend’s birthday. Fortunately, the Indian Ocean delivered. Torren’s friend Nick Colbey is a talented character. He gets heavily barrelled in this clip and plays one of the backing tracks. Torren’s dedication to Indonesia shows as he mostly rides a 6’10” Simon Jones channel bottom twin fin very well in these challenging waves. With two more back-to-back swells pushing in soon after the boat docked, Torren veered into the domestic section of the airport to island-hop into a few more perfect waves. Turn up the soundtrack, sit back and enjoy what’s being shown On The Light Side.

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