The Origins of needessentials wetsuits

 needessentials wetsuits


Ryan scanlon talks about how needessentials wetsuits came to be. 

After a lifetime surfing and designing Wetsuits, wetsuit accessories and products for surfers, we at needessentials wetsuits felt that there are just so many extra things in wetsuits and marketing that cost more but don’t actually make products any better. So needessentials wetsuits created something that didn't exist, which we wished did. The whole idea of needessentials came from not wanting to over consume, it's about not wasting resources on what’s not important and what adds no benefit to a wetsuits performance. Instead it's about trying to make the best premium products for surfers more accessible. The concept is to have less, but have what’s well made, what’s premium, what’s timeless, what’s useful rather than useless. What surfers can save by only having what’s really needed in a wetsuit they can spend on what’s really important in their own lives. It’s about having less stuff and more freedom.


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