Drew Mcpherson & Nathan Henshaw A State Of Play


Drew Mcpherson & Nathan Henshaw - A State Of Play

A State of Play follows surfer Drew McPherson and photographer Nathan Henshaw from their home town on the east coast of Australia to the remote desert coast in search of waves. This film explores the idea of staying in a state of play, retaining a childlike curiosity and stoke that youth brings. It showcases the stunning water cinematography of Nathan Henshaw and captures the relationship between a surfer and a water cinematographer making a short surf film. This film is a unique exhibit of light, oceanic elements and celebrates what many surfers spend their whole life chasing.

Directed by: Robert Sherwood
Produced by: needessentials
Cinematography: Nathan Henshaw & Robert Sherwood
Music: Mick Turner - Moth 3
Music: Nick Bampton - A State of Play, Wonder
Surfing: Drew McPherson, Phoenix Wilson, Taj Curran & Nathan Henshaw

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